Enlarging Student Vocabulary

A very important feature with reading in the primary levels is the students vocabulary. It is something that must be put in to each students day so that they get as much practice as they can. As their vocabulary enlarges, their reading level will increase as well.

Going into teaching we must think of creative ways to allow students to learn new vocabulary. Everyone of your students will learn differently and that is why it will be so important to try to engage as many as possible with exciting ways.


Creative ways to practice vocabulary:

  • Roll a word: A fun worksheet that has the list of words on the paper and whatever number you roll, allows you to see what you have to do to describe it.
  • Vocab on the move: This game allows the students to wear the vocabulary word on their forehead and the others have to describe it for the student to guess the word.
  • Vocabulary Beach Ball: Have a beach ball with the vocabulary words on each panel and toss it around the room while the student say the word in a sentence or describe it.
  • Word Wall: This is great to keep the words on the wall so students can always see them and revisit when needed.

It is important to do interactive activities so that all students benefit from the lessons, these will highly engage all students and keep their attention better. Vocabulary is a stepping stone in students learning! It is important you use the best tools for your students.


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