Spooktacular Literature Choices

It’s that time of year again, and some of the kids favorite night. Even though your school might not celebrate Halloween, it is still okay to get the kids into the fall spirit. Holidays and events are times that students look forward to experiencing with their teachers because some may not get to at home, I know fall was always my favorite. What better idea than to fill your classroom library with great fall literature choices? To keep the students engaged and excited, I believe it is a great idea for teachers to fill their libraries based on the time of year or holiday.


To make it more engaging for the students after you read the stories you can always add fun activities or lessons to go along with it.  The students will love the idea of getting to relate the book to their actual life, like writing pieces or drawings. Letting the students feel apart of something that is important to many of their classmates will mean more to them, then you can imagine. Take a look at this great list of books to have in your library for this spooktacular time of year!

I hope you and your students enjoy!

Happy Halloween.



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