Getting Children Experience Needed

Many people know that children have the perfect idea of what they enjoy to read. When is it okay for teachers to step in and push the students to get them to the next level? Or read something that isn’t a social norm for life around them.

In today’s society there are many issues related to children literature (Gender, Racial, Cultural, Family, Religion). As teachers we need to know how to avoid the stereotypical books so that children can experience certain situations through literature.

Here are just a few popular children’s book suggestions that many teachers point out to be their favorites.


The list gives a wide variety of books that show students images to understand incidents of a multicultural viewpoint. This will allow for these cultures to be apparent in your classroom and give students insight before they continue to progress through school.

  • Take some time to read this awesome blog I found on more reasons why teachers should teach with multicultural literature.

To give children the opportunity to read about these differences, make sure you have a wide variety of books in your own classroom library. As the students read and explore these different books, it will open many discussions in class that will allow you to help them understand and even students that may understand the “issue” first hand. Giving students this opportunity allows them to relate to children from around the world and compare/contrast their experiences¬†to their own.



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