Educating our Heart & Mind.

Going in to education, many of us are going for one important reason.. Because we have the heart to teach children how to succeed in life. We all have that one teacher when we look back who influenced us without even trying, or showed us the teacher that we want to be.


I know I do, mine was actually one of my math teachers in high school, Mr. DeMoss. Even though that is the complete opposite of what I want to teach, that didn’t matter. He showed me not to ever give up on students when they don’t understand or falling behind in class. He also pushed me to be my best when I thought I couldn’t do anything right. Mr. DeMoss didn’t only build a relationship with me in the class, but also outside of the classroom. He supported me in after school activities that I was involved in and never missed out on chances to support me and other classmates. He gave his heart to his students.

Now, does that ring any bells for you? What stands out for you to be the best teacher you can be? What makes you a highly qualified teacher? Well here are some helpful hints on what I believe.

Helpful Hints for being the Best Teacher you can be:

-Be patient

-Build relationships

-Be consistent

-Trust your students, allow them to trust you

-Inspire them to be the best that they can

I hope you take some time and watch this video from Ken Robinson talking about educating our heart and mind.


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